Have you ever felt like eyes are not so inevitable to interact with the world?
Our eyes are strictly connected to our brain, in the biggest way among all senses.
However, you can activate other senses more by getting rid of them – for a while, of course.
If you still don’t believe it’s true, come and SEE for yourself! ESN invites you on a great adventure to discover the power of your other senses in the Gallery of Steel Figures.
How is it done? Start in pairs, tie a handkerchief on your mates head and make him/her blind – then walk along and describe what you see – let him/her feel what your eyes tell you.
Afterwards, untie your friend and let him/her compare what he/she felt with his first sight. Then you can switch sides.
In the second part of the event you will have a chance to build something from scratch with LEGO, just like the good old times.

You think that seeing the world without using your eyes is impossible? Let us surprise you!
Hurry up before the tickets are sold out!

If you have any questions, please contact us:
Marta Drożyner (PK)
Ula Gorska (UJ)
Katarzyna Sułek (UEK)
Maja Wielgus (AGH)

If you study at Jagiellonian University you can get a ticket at this website:

15/05/2019 - 14:00 to 17:00
Gallery of Steel Figures, Cracow
12,50 PLN (tickets available in your ESN office)