WEDNESDAY 4.10 – THE 60’s:

  • Lasertag

WHEN: 12:30

WHERE meeting point in front of ESN office (Reymonta 13a)

WHAT: Have you ever tried playing paintball? Well, since we don’t want you to get hurt and have bruises we prepared for you a nonlethal version. Instead of plastic ball with paint, you are equipped with laser pistols and special hit-detecting vests. Get your most comfortable shoes and come with us!

TICKETS: 35zł with ESN card/ 40zł without


  • Zumba workshop FREE!

WHEN: 18:00

WHERE: Teatro Cubano (Jagiellońska 10)

WHAT: We would like to invite you for Zumba Workshops, let’s exercise and dance together to latin music in real latin club!



  • Hippie Party FREE!

WHEN: 21:00

WHERE: Dreams (Jagiellońska 5)

WHAT: Let's celebrate THE 60’s with real HIPPIE PARTY!! Wear colorful clothes, maxi dresses, flowers, John Lennon glasses and... DON'T WORRY, BE HIPPIE!!