SATURDAY 7.10 – Jumping into the future

  • Mount trip + picnic

WHEN: 13:00

WHERE: meeting point in front of Lewiatan at AGH Campus

WHAT:Eating outdoor is always a good idea. How about a picnic on the top of the mound in Krakow? Out of four mounds we chose Kraka Mound because the view from the top is amazing. You can see the whole city from the top! Don’t hesitate for a minute and come with us!

TICKETS: 12zł with ESN card/ 15zł without


  • Esport competition FREE!

WHEN: 19:00

WHERE: BarON (Stefana Batorego 1)

WHAT: So here it is some time for brainstorming and eSport competition. Board games and not only, puzzles, mysteries are the tasks for today. If you passionate about video games, you should take gamepads in your hands and play some Xbox games on plenty of consoles available there. Ready to check yourself and compete with the rest of Erasmus Students? Don’t hesitate and join us – we assure you won’t regret… ;)