It’s really nice to welcome you here - at ESN AGH website, the best student organisation in Kraków!
Who are we?
We are active students, who want to make the best out of the motto “Students helping Students”. We devote our free time to help foreign students, beginning from their accomodation, going through e.g. journeys, cutural events, charity deeds and nightlife, of course!
What do we do?
We help. We get to know each other. We learn foreign languages and how to have a positiv attitude to each other. We make everything, so our guests, foreign students, mainly from Erasmus+ Programme, who spend their time at AGH UST remembered their stay in Kraków and at our university in the best way possible.
What are we distinguished by?
We value moblity really much, we have friends all around the continent (and even in other regions as well!). We learn really quick, our life is intense, we don’t waste our time. Willing to get to make friendships with many people, get to know Kraków with them and show our country from the most beautiful side - that’s who we are.
Who are we looking for? 
We would like to invite all, who are willing to help foreign students with their problems in Kraków, their day-to-day life and to chat, have fun and laugh with them :)
Everybody needs to socialise - we all act together,
for our common fun experiences and memories.
Join us during next recruitment period and change your life!