Welcome to the official website of ESN AGH!


We are a section of the Erasmus Student Network Poland Association. Our purpose is to support and expand international student exchange programmes, especially the Erasmus+ programme. In this way, we propagate the ideas of international integration and encourage to get to know other cultures.

Our motto is "Students helping Students". We are the first line of support for students coming to Krakow under the Erasmus+ programme. We offer our help, among other things, in terms of accommodation or in the form of a guided tour of the city and the university. We also organize sport and cultural events, as well as trips and events for our foreign friends. In this way, we help them acclimatize with Polish customs and rules.

ESN AGH is a perfect place to develop one’s talents and passions. Our members have the opportunity to take advantage of organized trainings in areas such as business, finance, public relations, graphics and many others. Being active in our committees results in gaining additional experience, which will surely be useful in building the professional career and helping our Erasmus Students feel welcome in Cracow.