Fundraising Commitee in ESN AGH is a kind of a link between the world of students and the bussiness world. The members working in this team are responsible for searching for the companies interested in supporting our activity and maintaining good relations with partners. Moreover, the FR team provides section with financial support thanks to pecuniary assistance of the AGH UST authorities.
Fundraising is the process of gathering money or voluntary contributions or other resources which refers to efforts in gathering money for non-profit organization like us, our local ESN section.Funds gathered by our brave fundraisers are intended for organisation of events for Erasmus students, statutory activities, gadgets and other forms of promotion and support for the members of ESN AGH.
Fundraising Committee not only acquires the means and product support for planned events, but also supervises the ESNcard project which is a flagship project of the FR commitee, trying in cooperation with the PR commitee to promote it. ESNcard card is a discount card and at the same time a membership card of the ESN association. The card allows you to obtain discounts with local partners, with whom agreements are signed by the coordinators of ESNcard of all the Cracow’s ESN sections, as well as international partners, for whom ESN International is responsible. Local coordinators cooperate within the Kraków United, establishing a common activity policy concerning the minimum discounts and the expectations in relation to the partners.