Events Committee is the beating heart of ESN AGH, organising events that bring together Erasmus students, ESN members and mentors. This committee's main goal is to make sure that you never get bored with us and you bring a bunch of good memories from you Erasmus experience.
There are three main categories of the events, each reflecting different aspect of the exchange.
  • CULTURE - Important part of studying abroad is getting to know the culture of your temporary home. Kraków, former capital of Poland, is a city rich with history and a vault of cultural heritage. Culture events aim at giving Erasmus students access to this heritage in an interesting and entertaining way. Exploring Nowa Huta, cooking pierogi or racuchy together or trying traditional Polish dances are just some examples! We also want to give Erasmus students possibility to share their own culture, with cyclic Exchange Zone meetings, where the culture of our foreign friends’ countries is presented.
  • PARTY - Of course, going abroad is also about meeting new people and having fun! Events committee holds a party almost every week, changing venues and themes and even organising Tram parties! Thanks to cooperation with many local clubs you can always be sure there will be a discount waiting for you at the bar!
  • SPORTS - Last but not least, we haven't forgotten about those who want to keep in shape during the exchange! There are volleyball and futsal games every week and a lot of additional activities, ranging from Zumba workshops to Quidditch training! Our section organised ESNOlympics, a huge sports event where teams teams composed of Erasmus students from all our Poland competed against each other.
Memebers of the Events committee are social butterflies, combining creativity with good organisation to provide you with various ways of spending your time in Kraków!