Project Social Erasmus is made up of people who are ready to give a part of themselves to others.

We are motivated to show something good and to create something that will give a smile to many people by showing off their own good! We organize many events, including Social Erasmus Week, during which we try to help older people, share positive emotions, prove that everyone, regardless of age, appearance and origin, can create something positive. Erasmus Date Auction is the flagship event, during which students offer their time and abilities, only to help sick children! In addition to it, we also supervise the Christmas Dream Cup and Erasmus in Schools.

We try to engage Erasmus students in the everyday life of society by organizing actions, which aim is to convey often forgotten truth - ordinary smile sometimes means more than material values. This sentence is especially valid today when we are richer but separated from each other more than ever. Passing positive emotions takes on a new meaning. In conclusion, the Social Committee is the loving heart of ESN AGH!

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