How to say hello in Italian? How to thank somebody in Turkish? And finally, how to say cheers in Latvian?
Without doubt, the knowledge of other cultures and foreign languages is a huge advantage, which can be useful not only at work, but while travelling as well. What if…..learning would be in a form of meeting with foreign students?
Neat atmosphere, talking about everything, listening to quiet music in the background…Babel Tower in Cracow’s Main Square – this is Tandem organised by ESN – language meetings, the best plan for Monday’s evening!

On every table there is a card, which indicates, what language is spoken by those sitting next to it – Poles, Erasmo or just those interested in other country’s language. Just enter, choose the table with your language as an interest and….start talking.
Do not be afraid of breaking the ice – a special basic dictionary will help you in the first. Even if you bump into tough man to talk, don’t worry….bar will be near, that should help.

It is very common that with a little bit of effort you can get familiar with few words of other language and listen to the their speakers which may be really helpful while learning.
It is for sure a great way to broaden horizons, make friends in a nice atmosphere – hope you convinced, eh?

When ? – Every Monday – 8.00 p.m.
How much ? – Of course for free