Brace yourselves for the biggest treat - coming your way is the chance to participate in the creation of one of the best
Polish dishes – PIEROGI
Since you’ve been in Poland for some time now, it’s high time you learn something more about our culture and cuisine – the miraculous combination of dough and whatever you want to fill it with - either salty or sweet. Cottage cheese with potatos or cottage cheese with raisins?  Pierogi with cabbage or with fruit? The choice is yours!
With us you will be able to make the most famous version - pierogi RUSKIE!
If you love it as much as we do or you have never tasted it before (impossible!), then put on your apron and have some fun making with us your own delicious pierogi

See you there!

29/05/2019 - 16:00 to 19:00
DS12 Promyk
5 PLN - tickets (are limited!) avalaible in the office from Monday to Wednesday