In Poland, we say that a way to one's heart leads through food…
so let us make you fall in love with Europe!
We would like to invite you for the most delicious culinary event of the summer semester- Eurodinner!
Bring tasty specialities of your country’s cuisine to make this event a truly international feast for the palate. Have you attended Exchange Zone Croatia or International Easter Dinner? Only at Eurodinner, you will be able to share the delicacies from all across Europe. Whether you prefer pierogi, pielmieni and chinkali or maybe you have more of a sweet tooth and can't decide between churros and cheesecake - you don't have to worry! If we all bring something to share, we won’t stay hungry at all ;)
The meeting point is next to the ESN office at 17:45, from where we will go to Park Jordana. Don’t forget about blankets, because what is the picnic without them
Let’s make this evening a huge international food celebration!

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In case of bad weather event will take place elsewhere, but meeting point doesn't change ;)

10/05/2019 - 17:45 to 20:45